Did you know – Building Conditions

Did you know that the lovely brick buildings at the Medfield State Hospital all harbor various states of disrepair on the inside?  In 2003 the State hired Lozano, Baskin and Associates, specialists in architecture and urban design, to conduct an assessment of the architectural and structural integrity of the buildings on the property.  The study was very complimentary of the “architectural significance of the complex,” especially the core campus arranged around a “village green.”  However, the study did recommend the demolition of a few of the structures such as The Clark Building, the green house, and the shop building, and found that “many of the buildings are in fair condition at best,” citing dry rot on the first floor wood structures as the “main deterioration observed in buildings mothballed decades ago.” Since that time the buildings have continued to deteriorate.  The State Hospital Advisory Committee (SHAC) is getting a new assessment of the buildings to have a better idea of the costs involved in their potential rehabilitation and will have that information early in 2014.