Did you know? Term Sheet and Visioning Forum

Did you know that the Board of Selectmen recently accepted and signed a term sheet with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (DCAMM) detailing the potential sale of approximately 134 acres of the Medfield State Hospital (consisting of the central campus and the Sledding Hill) to the Town of Medfield for $3.1 million?  The term sheet merely outlines the conditions of the sale and does not authorize the transaction.  The purchase would take place only after a detailed purchase and sales agreement has been agreed upon  and approved by the residents of Medfield.  A special town meeting (STM) will be scheduled in the next few months to obtain the decision from the community on purchase of the property.

Due to legislative issues surrounding the purchase, the transaction must be completed by December, 2014.  The State Hospital Advisory Committee (SHAC) held a meeting with key town employees on December 12, 2013 to discuss potential uses for the property and the effect of those uses on Medfield’s resources.  On Saturday, January 11, 2014 the SHAC will hold an open meeting for residents to express their thoughts and ideas on re-use of the property.  Please plan to attend the January 11, 2014 meeting at the Center at Medfield, One Ice house Road to have your voice heard.