Historical Info

Here are links to various interviews, notes, and other sources of background information on the site.

John Harney, Gil Rodgers and Ros Smythe conducted an interview with Tony Calo, who was the former Superintendent of MSH.  The interview covered various aspects of the hospital’s former use and operation.

Gil Rodgers and Ros Smythe compiled notes regarding the former agricultural operations at the hospital.  This interview included information from Tom Sweeney, Darel Nowers, and David Nowers, who were all intimately familiar with the farming operations at MSH.  The document includes pictures of the farming operations.

Gil Rodgers came across an interesting article in his research at the Medfield Historical Society Library.  The article was written by Veronica Hill, RN who was a nurse at MSH from 1952 – 1987.  It is taken from the manuscript “A History of Medfield State Hospital, 1987.”