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Results from our Third Summer Survey of 2015 are now available.  See below for all survey results.

Results from Summer 2015 Surveys
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Fall 2013 Survey Results (From the former State Hospital Advisory Committee)
In the fall of 2013, we published a comprehensive survey to gather input from the community on the future uses of the former MSH site.  The survey closed on 12/31/13.  The data collected from the survey is available for your review here.  This is essentially the raw data from the 258 responses that were collected, both online and via paper copies.  There are charts and tables with the results.   Also included are all the open ended responses that people had, which are wide-ranging and interesting to review.

The general summary of the results are as follows:

  1. 92% of respondents had been to the MSH site.
  2. 79% of respondents were aware that DCAMM was offering to sell a portion of the site to the town of Medfield.
  3. 56% of respondents were aware of the potential costs of acquiring the site from DCAMM.
  4. 95% of respondents were concerned about the potential for DCAMM to sell the property to a third party other than the town (with the potential of the town losing control of the development process).
  5. The top three choices for redevelopment of the site were recreational in nature – Trails, Open Space, and Recreational Space.
  6. The top responses for the types of housing people would support were senior housing and no housing at all.  Apartments garnered the weakest support, with about 4% of respondents being in favor.
  7. Respondents were generally in favor of purchasing the site to retain control of future uses, even if it meant higher taxes.  Preservation of open space and historic structures were also favored, although fewer people were willing to support higher taxes for these purposes.
  8. There was a wide variety of responses to the Market Analysis Report.  See the detailed results at the link above for a summary.  The three uses that got the highest percentage of “strongly favor” and “favor” votes were recreational facilities, a continuing care facility, and a satellite institutional campus.
  9. Regarding the surrounding parcels which are not currently being offered to the town, the top three choices were passive recreation, active recreation, and open space with no specific use.  Community Supported Agriculture, farming, and community gardens also garnered support.
  10. 93% of respondents were Medfield residents.
  11. 89% of respondents were residential property owners in Medfield.
  12. Survey respondents provided the number of people living in their household.  Four and two-member households were the most prevalent, together comprising 60% of the responses.
  13. Email updates were the number one method that people chose as a means to receive updates.  However, not many people signed up for the email mailing list.  Sign up on the home page of the website at
  14. Respondents gave a wide variety of answers to the open ended final question on the survey.  Read them in the detailed survey results.