Other State Hospitals

This page includes information regarding the reuse of other former State Hospitals throughout the Commonwealth.  The intention of studying these other properties is to learn from the successes and missteps made in other towns.

An overview of the study of the reuse of several other state hospitals in Massachusetts is presented in a summary slide show here.  Further details on some of the former state hospitals is included in the links listed below.

The process, planning, and ultimate redevelopment of the former Northampton State Hospital (located near Northampton in central Massachusetts) provides a relevant and illustrative case for planning and decisions regarding the Medfield State Hospital site.  Gil Rodgers and Ros Smythe researched this hospital reuse project through meetings and phone calls, reviewing materials posted on websites, and taking two tours of the complex guided by  key people involved with the redevelopment, and have summarized the main findings in the attached set of notes.

Gil Rodgers compiled a comparison of the nearby Foxborough State Hospital redevelopment.  In addition, you can find a copy of the Foxborough Redevelopment Plan, here.

Gil Rodgers and Ros Smythe visited the Tewksbury State Hospital.  Tewksbury State Hospital is an interesting example of a hospital still in full operation that is even older than Medfield State Hospital.  It has retained use of some of its attractive historical buildings and is the home of T.H.E. Farm, a therapeutic equestrian riding center.  Notes on the visit can be found here.

Gil Rodgers and Ros Smythe visited the former Danvers State Hospital and the Boston State Hospital .  Notes from the visit to Danvers can be found here, while notes from Boston can be found here.

The MSH Advisory Commitee has also studied the zoning changes that accompanied the redevelopment of the former Danvers State Hospital.  A slide presentation regarding zoning the Hathorne West section, where the Danvers Hospital is located, can be found here.  An summary of the resulting amendment to Danvers’ zoning bylaw can be found here, and the relevant bylaw itself can be found here.