Building Condition and Demolition Studies

Here are links to various studies and reports regarding the hospital property.  The studies contained on this page primarily deal with the condition of the buildings on the campus and the possible costs to remediate and demolish some or all of the buildings.

Lozano Baskin and Associates completed a comprehensive study of the building conditions in 2003.  The scanned copy of this document is about 40MB and is therefore too large for this website to support as a single document.  To allow downloads of the entire study, the document is available in five parts, each under 10MB:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

One of the scenarios being evaluated by the MSHMPC is the “non-development scenario.”  This is a reference point or baseline to compare to other scenarios in terms of impact (cost and otherwise) to the town.  The non-development scenario would involve the removal of all buildings and the return of the site to open land with no planned use.  More details about this scenario can be found here.

The engineering firm C3 was hired to update the findings of the Lozano Baskin Study.  This study looked at four buildings that are part of the core campus to see how their condition has changed since 2003.  With 11 years of elapsed time with minimal maintenance, no heat, and no occupancy, the condition of the buildings have deteriorated.  A final version of this study is available here and supplemental data regarding the firm’s professional opinion on cost to demolish or rehab buildings are provided here and here.

In November, 2014, Gil Rodgers compiled his notes from various sources to provide this memorandum of potential demolition costs for buildings at the former MSH site.  This includes the experience of DCAMM at MSH and other sites, the experience of demolition contractors, and others.

The firm CDW completed a recent study detailing the options regarding demolition of the Clark Building.  This demolition was completed in 2012.  The Clark Building was located right in the front of the core campus on Hospital Road, near the current security trailer.  An update with the actual demolition costs will be forthcoming shortly.