This page contains information regarding pending or existing legislation / laws with relevance to the redevelopment of the MSH property.

In 2014, after a special Town Meeting vote and a town election, Medfield voted to move forward with the purchase of 134 acres of the former State Hospital Property.  These votes caused our local legislative delegation (consisting of Representatives Garlick and Dooley and Senator Timilty) to introduce this piece of legislation, which was subsequently passed by the house and senate and signed by Governor Patrick.  The final legislation can be viewed here.

In 2008, the Massachusetts Legislature passed an act relating to Medfield State Hospital.  The full text of the act can be found here.  The act provides details regarding how the state (the current owner of the hospital property) may choose to sell or otherwise dispose of the various parcels.

The 2008 legislation built off of previous legislation enacted in 2002, which can be found here.

In 2001, during the Swift administration, and previously during the King administration (1981), Massachusetts developed policies relating to the preservation and maintenance of agricultural land.  These policies specifically discuss the agricultural use of state land holdings that are not needed for other purposes.  You can read the text of these policies here.