MSH Advisory Committee

The Medfield State Hospital Advisory Committee (SHAC) was created by the Board of Selectmen.  The committee was active until after the town meeting and special election that authorized the town to purchase the state hospital property.  It was since disbanded and superseded by the new MSH Master Planning Committee, which began meeting in the summer of 2014. Information about the SHAC is included here for reference.

The committee was chaired by Steve Nolan, and also had the following additional members, shown below  along with a designation of each person’s respective subcommittee(s).  The subcommittees worked on the following tasks:

Building Assessment: Worked to determine the condition of the existing buildings and determine their suitability for reuse.
Legislation: Worked with our local and state officials to develop legislation related to the hospital property.
Negotiating: Worked with the state and the town to craft an agreement for the transfer of the hospital property.
Visioning: Worked with the community to determine a desired set of goals for the redevelopment and reuse of the property.

Steve Browne, Visioning
Scott Colwell, Building Assessment
John Harney, Negotiating, Legislation
Bob Ingram, (at large)
Roberta Lynch, Visioning
Kerry McCormack, Building Assessment
Gus Murby, (at large)
Steve Nolan, Chairman, Negotiating, Legislation
Ken Richard, Negotiating
Gil Rodgers, Legislation
Jim Rohnstock, Building Assessment, Visioning
Ros Smythe, Visioning
Alec Stevens, Visioning
Marc Verrault, Building Assessment

In addition to the regular committee members, the following people were regular participants in our discussions or otherwise active with the committee:

Osler Peterson, Town Selectman (Negotiating)
Sarah Raposa, Town Planner (Visioning)
Bill Massaro (Negotiating)

The committee was given the following mission:

“The Board of Selectmen would like the State Hospital Redevelopment Study Committee to evaluate the potential purchase of the former hospital property by the town of Medfield, including the costs, benefits and any issues related to such a purchase. This can include any additional capabilities of the town government that would be required to oversee the purchase, clean-up and redevelopment and/or reuse of a property of this size and scope.

Additionally, the Board of Selectmen seek advice on the potential economic uses of the former hospital site, a review of Chapter 269 of the Acts of 2008, and an examination of the expected recommendations from Jones, Lang, LaSalle. This can be from the point of view of the residents of the town of Medfield and the residents of the immediate neighborhoods, considering positive and/or negative impacts on the quality of life, the cost of servicing potential reuses, traffic, the availability of water, sewer and other town services, the impact on the school, library and park and recreation departments, the potential revenue stream, the impact of redevelopment on the Town’s requirement to provide 10% share of affordable housing units, and any other factors that should be considered. Based on these findings, the Committee should make its own recommendations to the Board of Selectmen as to how the property might be redeveloped.”

The complete text of the mission statement along with some additional background information can be found here.