Zoning Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals for Zoning (ZBA), as defined by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A, consists of three members and three associate members, who participate in hearings if regular members are absent.  One member is appointed by the Selectmen annually for a three-year term.

The Board of Appeals reviews questions which concern the Zoning Bylaws and the Building Code.  A property owner denied a permit or wishing to contest a decision of the Building Inspector may bring an appeal to the Board.  A public hearing is held at which abutters and/or other interested parties may speak on the issue.  Decisions of the ZBA are final unless the petitioner takes the matter to the  Superior Court.  The Building Inspector has authority to enforce decisions of the Board of Appeals.

The MSH Property core campus is currently zoned business/industrial, while the surrounding land is zoned as agricultural.  Any major change to the zoning would require action by the ZBA and the Planning Board, as well as a vote at Town Meeting.