State Government

Several different state government entities have involvement in the redevelopment of MSH.  These include DCAMM, DMH, DCR, DAR, among others.  You can learn more about the function of each department, it’s leadership, and methods for contacting them by navigating to the links that are in the sub-menu of the state government tab above.  “Mouse over” State Government in the menu, and then select from one of the drop down items.

In addition to the several state departments that are involved, other groups such as the Army Corps of Engineers and the Charles River Watershed Association play a role.  You can learn more about these entities by clicking here, or on the “Other Agencies” link under the State Government menu above.

Make Democracy work for you!  Our elected officials at the state and federal level can hear our voices and use their offices and contacts to help realize the thoughtful, balanced vision that we seek for the MSH property.  Click here, or on the Elected Officials tab in the State Government menu above to learn how to contact these important representatives.

Finally, we have included some information about previously passed legislation that affects the MSH property.  Read about it here, or by clicking on the Legislation tab in the State Government menu above.