Elected Officials

The town of Medfield is represented in the state’s House of Representatives by Denise Garlick and Shawn Dooley.  Within Medfield, Precincts 1 and 2 are in Representative Garlick’s district, and Precincts 3 and 4 are in Representative Dooley’s district.  The hospital Property itself is located in Representative Garlick’s disctrict.  Medfield’s State Senator is James Timilty.

Representative Garlick also serves the Town of Dover.  Other towns that border the MSH property are our friends across the Charles River in Sherborn and Millis.  In the House, Sherborn and the northern part of Millis are represented by David Paul Linsky.  The southern portion of Millis is served by Rep. Dooley.  In the state Senate, these towns are served by Richard Ross

The best way to reach your state representative or senator is to contact their office by telephone and to reach out to their legislative assistant.

In Congress, Medfield is represented in the House by Joseph P. Kennedy III, and in the Senate by Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey.