Other Agencies

Other agencies that are involved in the MSH project or nearby surroundings include the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Charles River Watershed Association.  The COE is responsible for maintenance and operation of the Charles River Natural Valley Storage Area.  The storage area has the capacity, through its extensive network of wetlands, to handle the water discharge that occurs during heavy rain and snowmelt events.  The Army Corps uses the valley to mitigate flood risk downstream.

The Charles River Watershed Association‘s mission is: “To use science, advocacy and the law to protect, preserve and enhance the Charles River and its watershed.”  The CRWA has been advocating for a full cleanup of the areas of the watershed that are affected by the former use of the MSH property.

The Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources (DAR) is another party that is potentially involved with the redevelopment of the Medfield State Hospital.  As the property is currently zoned as agricultural land according to town’s zoning map, and the DAR’s mission is to promote and preserve agricultural uses in the commonwealth, any future agricultural use will likely involve the DAR’s input.  The DAR has a specific part of it’s charter devoted to agricultural conservation.  The details can be found here.