Frequently Asked Questions regarding the MSH Property

How is the Town paying for the purchase price?
The purchase price of $3.1 million will be paid in equal annual installments of $310,000 over 10 years with no interest and will appear on the annual Cherry Sheet from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Cherry Sheet is the official notification by the Commissioner of Revenue to municipalities of estimated state aid to be paid and charges to be assessed over the next fiscal year. (12/14)

Who is responsible for the planning at the Hospital?
In the summer of 2014, the Board of Selectmen formed the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee (MSHMPC) and gave the following Mission Statement; “The overall goal of the Committee is to present to the Board of Selectmen a comprehensive and coordinated vision for the sustainable redevelopment and reuse of the former Medfield State Hospital.”   The overall goals and objectives of the committee and the master planning process are available here. (2/15)

How will MSHMPC create this vision?
The Committee will create a Master Plan through community feedback, a process started with the January, 2014 Visioning Session, and with the assistance of a master planning consultant. During February, 2015, MSHMPC will conduct lengthy interviews with the four finalists from the nine firms that responded to our RFQ.  The consultant will help the Town prepare a Master Plan for the site and adjacent Town owned parcels. The Committee intends to choose the consultant by the end the month and then begin the master planning process in earnest.  The consultant will also work with the Town to draft appropriate zoning and design guidelines based on the preferred reuse scenario, as well as help the Town conduct a search for a suitable developer(s).  (2/15)

How are we paying the consultants?
Medfield Annual Town Meeting has routinely allocated fund for the past 6 years for consulting relating to the State Hospital for planning, environmental concerns, and legal counsel. The funds for a master planning consultant were authorized at the 2014 Annual Town Meeting.  The 2015 Town Meeting will include another warrant relating to allocating funds for planning. (2/15)

What were the results of the January 2014 Visioning Session?
What is the zoning plan? Residential? Commercial?
The ultimate zoning will be driven by the results of the upcoming master planning process.

The Medfield State Hospital Advisory Committee held a visioning session on January 11, 2014 whereby over 100 residents were in attendance to discuss what the participants envision for the use of the land.

The participants were split into approximately 10 groups. Each group presented a “vision” for the property. Although every plan was different, some common ideas were apparent. Consistent themes were: a Park and Recreation building on the approximately 37 acre sledding hill parcel; a desire to keep the view across the sledding hill as open space; height limitations of any reuse in the core campus to allow the continued appreciation of the natural setting; the use of legislation to guarantee that the parcels adjacent to the core campus, which are to be retained by the State, remain as open space in perpetuity (enacted); paths and walkways throughout the whole parcel allowing connectivity between the various parcels of land and to adjacent open space properties; maintaining the core campus village square feel; the development of a community space, utilizing the Chapel Building if suitable, for cultural activities; development of some commercial/professional space; and, fulfillment of 40B housing requirements and construction of “empty nester” homes through a mixed use development.

Over the next year, the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee will be distilling these uses and analyzing their impacts to prepare a preferred reuse scenario that can be implemented. (12/14)

How long until something gets started?
On Tuesday, December 9, 2014 Sarah Raposa, Medfield Town Planner, conducted a site tour and hosted an information session with 15 companies interested in responding to the RFQ issued by MSHMPC. The goal is to choose a Master Planning consultant early next year and then can begin the next phase of the process.   The Town hopes to begin redevelopment in the next 2-3 years. (12/14)

Is this purchase a wise use of town resources?
The near unanimous vote to purchase the property at the March 31, 2014 Town Meeting indicated an overwhelming desire to own the property in order to control future development on site. The voters felt the purchase price of $3.1 million with yet to be determined ancillary costs were worth the investment for local control over the property. If the Town had not purchased the property the possible outcome of private development would have been a 40B project where the Town would lose any local control over zoning. Even though the core campus is currently zoned Business-Industrial the State could sell the land to a private developer who would be able to develop as many as four hundred residential units impacting town services in an uncontrolled circumstance. (12/14)


What information on MSH is available for real estate developers who may want to participate in the development of the site?
The Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee (MSHMPC) is in the process of formulating a master plan to be considered by the Medfield Board of Selectmen and the residents of the community (the RFQ can be found here).  The plan will include uses informed by stated goals and objectives which best represent the character and values of the town and fill community needs. As the plan is being created updated information will be made available through the website, and the MSH Real Estate Developer Directory.

To receive committee updates, interested developers are encouraged to register and provide their contact information to the directory via email to (2/15)

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