MSHMPC Medfield.TV Shows

The members of the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee have been putting together informational TV shows with the assistance of Medfield TV.

Click on the links below for each of the various episodes.

Overview of the May 24 Public Meeting
Interview with Kevin Ryder
, Director of Medfield Parks and Recreation Department, May 2016
Interview with Steve Nolan
, Chairman of MSHMPC, April 2016
Interview with John Thompson, Chairman of MSH Bldgs and Grounds, March 2016
Agricultural Uses of the Property, Open Space, and Passive Recreation
December 2015
The Legacy of Trees
June, 2015 (with Monique Allen of The Garden Continuum)
Smart Growth
May, 2015 (with André Leroux of Mass Smart Growth Alliance)
Safety and Security
March, 2015 (with Chief Bob Meaney)
Goals and Objectives February, 2015
Original Introductory Video February, 2015