Additional Videos

This page contains links to videos regarding the former Medfield State Hospital.

A World Apart, “Mental Illness and America’s Abbey on the Hill,” a 35 minute film about the history of Medfield State Hospital.

Walking Tour, For those who didn’t join the big crowd that toured the Medfield State Hospital on Sunday, November 10, 2013 or would like to re-visit the event, here is your chance to watch the presentations, discussions about future uses, and questions and answers. is airing a new video recorded during the walking tour showing the hospital buildings, campus quad, remediation area near Charles River, surrounding fields, and water tower, illustrated by pictures and maps.  The program was organized by Gil Rodgers of the State Hospital Advisory Committee (SHAC) and features presentations and comments by Richard DeSorgher (Selectman and Town Historian), Darel Nowers (Father was Head Farmer at Hospital),  Mike Taylor (Chair Medfield Historic District Commission,)  John Thompson (Chairman of Medfield State Hospital Environmental Committee,) Bill Massaro (Member of Medfield State Hospital Environmental Committee,) Jim Rohnstock (Member of Medfield State Hospital Advisory Committee), and Sarah Raposa (Medfield Town Planner.) is airing the movie frequently on Comcast – Channels 8 and 22, and Verizon – Channels 45 and 47, see for schedule.

Medfield TV produced a video of the March 10 Special Town Meeting, which can be seen here.

Wentworth Institute of Technology students and professors worked on an adaptive reuse study of MSH as part of their curriculum.  A press release that describes the project, which was worked on by 90+ students in 16 project teams, can be seen here.  A video, produced by, can be seen on youtube at this link.   It’s great to see the next generation of creative designers turning their attention to the MSH project, and the results are a great way to imagine some possible reuses of the core campus.